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What you should get

Important things you should get in Financial Advice and Investment Planning


Will the risk level agreed with the client be accurate at outset? Many other investment solutions are not at the requested level


Until a change is requested your risk level be maintained year by year.


By daily review of the individual investments in Brunswick Diversified Fund and Brunswick Growth Fund means that (see Brochure page 6 and page 15. Rebalancing)



Will a high level of always be available allowing withdrawals when requested?


Prompt and accurate service of your portfolio Your and your Adviser will find it is to control your portfolio as Brunswick and do the following -


  • Set up a new account

  • Get new money invested

  • Make regular or one off withdrawals

  • Change risk levels if needed

  • Utilise clients CGT allowances

  • Top up ISAs and pensions


So what value would you and your client put on a reliable, stress free delivery of these important services ?


The Brunswick Investment Solution reliably delivers these benefits giving you value for money.


Investment Trusts are recognised as delivering superior returns but many firms do not benefit their clients by using them because they have no discretionary investment management permissions

We seek investments that benefit clients that others find too difficult.

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