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Working at home

Current Vacancies

No current vacancies at this time

Our Employment philosophy

As an indicator of this you will have seen in Private Clients  ‘We know who you are.’

If you are committed and hard working we will be committed to you. When it works both ways it makes us want to be very flexible.

We want to help our people make the most of their talents and to get ‘round pegs into round holes’ not into square holes as happens in many organisations!

We do this by valuing our staff just like our clients, because at the end of the day all we have is people and without them we are nothing.

Therefore we spend time and money developing people by giving them opportunity to make the most of their abilities and opening their eyes to what is possible.

Our no risk offer

If this sounds the sort of firm you may like to be part of,  then please call Lee Foulger 01603 895350 and have a confidential personal conversation and explore possibilities for working with us.

We want to know what you can offer and what you would like from us.

Do please have that conversation – there is nothing to lose, and possibly much to gain!

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