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Principle 6.
Use a favourable investment structure

It is a reasonable investor expectation that a favourable structure is used to hold their investments.

​Many investment firms use Open Ended Investment Companies to hold investments, often referred to as “OEICs”.

Our two Funds, Brunswick Diversified and Brunswick Growth are both OEICs.

There are costs to all structures used for managing investment portfolios, but for many reasons set out below we consider the OEIC structure the most favourable for our investors.


Here are some of the advantages of managing investments within an OEIC.

  • It gives our investment Managers the freedom to actively manage investments

  • It is fair, as all investors receive the same price in all purchases and sales of investments.

  • It allows investors to get exposure to attractive but less liquid assets which have many advantages.

  • It makes it convenient to hold a large number of individual investments aiding diversification.

  • It gives a straightforward way to benefit from the well established superior performance of Investment Trusts

  • Published investment performance data of OEICs is reliable as it based on authorised procedures.

  • VAT will not be charged when a portfolio of investments is managed in an OEIC.

  • It avoids triggering unplanned Capital Gains Tax.

  • Our investment managers are not inhibited from making desirable buys and sells by burdensome administration unlike some portfolio management structures.

  • The way the OEIC structure works, with our liquid portfolios, means that clients can take cash without delay with is another reasonable investor expectation.

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