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Rock Balancing

Principle 5.
Balance Risk with Return

An investment portfolio is made up of many moving parts over which there is limited control. Combining different investments to achieve good returns for the level of risk required by the investor is not simple.

We recognise these uncertainties and we aim to reduce them through our highly diversified portfolios as shown in Principle 3 and by regular review and adjustment described in Principle 4.

To get a greater return than that of cash needs some risk (volatility) to be accepted by the investor.

But how much?  The table below gives some practical examples.


Brunswick manages investments in a way that gives predictable risk levels.

For example by selecting Brunswick risk level 7, then the investment will have more volatility than our risk level 6 investment, but less volatility than our risk level 8 investment.

To deliver risk levels in a consistent way is straightforward with the Brunswick Investment Solution as it is based on blending which gives Proportionate Returns.

We expect this predictability to continue. Please see the evidence.

10 Year Performance to 31/12/2022 for Brunswick Portfolios Risk Level 3-8 v Cash v Retail Price Index

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