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Principle 4.
Review and Adjust Investments

It is a reasonable investor expectation that their investment is actively managed aiming to increase their capital.

Our Investment Managers review investments daily and actively seek to reduce risk of losses and to make gains for investors. In contrast some popular investment solutions may only review and adjust the investments in their portfolios on a quarterly or even annual basis.

Investment Managers at Brunswick can often take advantage of excellent investment opportunities that large firms cannot. As a smaller firm we can buy and sell the relatively small amounts we require, whereas the greater quantity a large firm needs to buy or sell could move the price against themselves.

For example, Brunswick bought very early into Polar Capital’s Global Insurance Fund which has become a very successful investment for us.

We aim to make investment decisions that increase the value of investors’ portfolios but some firms, focusing on low costs, are not active and rely on investment into tracker funds. Below it can be seen why it can be worth paying for investment management.

In the table below the Brunswick Growth Portfolio returned 21.25% in the 5 years to 30th June 2022 which exceeded the return from the FTSE 100 Total Return Index. Importantly, this was achieved with far lower risk than the FTSE 100 Total Return Index.


To buy, sell, or hold an investment is a judgement about its future; it is a decision made to reduce the risk of falls in value, or to capitalise on an anticipated market rise.

Whilst adjusting holdings within the Brunswick Diversified Portfolio and the Brunswick Growth Portfolio, care is taken to ensure the desired risk levels from 3 up to 8 are maintained.

Our investment performance is the result of taking many successful smaller investment decisions.

If this was a game of golf, the Brunswick aim is to always keep the ball on the fairway.

Asset Allocation

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