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Services offered by many Financial Advice firms and Wealth Managers look similar.

BUT  -  Brunswick services are NOT similar.

Few firms offer ALL these features that directly benefit our investors.

100% Checked
All client work is compliance checked during processing, not a small fraction of it after clients have acted on it !


Correct investment risk
Investment values will go up as well as down, but with Brunswick you actually get the risk level you wanted.

You get a full team
Your Adviser is part of a full team of researchers, report writers, and investment managers working for you.

Active investment management
Our award winning team can show 11 years of investment performance.

Investment Review
Not half yearly or monthly  -  but daily.

Bespoke portfolio administration
As Discretionary Investment Managers your portfolio is individually administered.

Added Value Advice
At Brunswick, all client advice is enriched by our peer review process.


Everything we do is aimed at Reliability | Performance | Value

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