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From first contact to becoming an established client, using our services is convenient and easy.

Unfortunately we have all dealt with organisations that waste our precious time, create stress and frustration and even seem not to care.


They can’t serve you properly because there are not enough staff or they are not well trained.


In a restaurant this would be disappointing, but in a Financial Advice and Investment Planning firm it could be disastrous!


To get value from a long term relationship like that of Financial Adviser and Client, you need a firm where all the team supporting your adviser are not just well qualified, but genuinely interested in doing their best for you.


At Brunswick we expect this, and it is engendered by the high standards required throughout the firm by the Directors.


We think most people will put a high value on a reliable, stress free delivery of these important services.

Our advisers offer convenient appointments that will fit in with your schedule. These can be face to face, at your home, your office, or at our offices.

Alternatively, appointments by phone or video call will suit some clients. We are flexible and will fit in with your requirements.

In all areas of life it’s important there is clarity in our conversations to avoid misunderstandings, but in financial planning and investments it’s vital!

To make it easy for clients, after all meetings or telephone calls, our Advisers will promptly send detailed meeting notes.

This ensures good understanding and avoids incorrect information and allows any correction needed to be quickly made and gives clients a record of the latest conversation for reference.

As discretionary investment managers, a further convenience for clients is that we can administer your portfolio efficiently, unlike firms which only have advisory permissions.

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