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Financial Planning
Achieving your goals

​Financial Planning – A process for achieving your goals


Starting from a realistic assessment of your current financial position,  and your ideas about your financial prospects, our Adviser will then work with you on your Financial Plan.


This will often be informed by cash flow modelling to check that you can meet your goals.

The example below shows some cautious assumptions demonstrating that the investor’s capital to generate income is largely intact even at age 100.

Future Income cash-flow-modeller graph.jpg

However, in the next example we can see that the proposed level of income from capital will only provide that income to age 83. Then the investor will only have the State Pension providing a fraction of required income.

For most people,  to be in a position to work if you want to, not because you must is important to reach by retirement age, or earlier if possible. It is an important goal because no one wants to be old and poor!

A major obstacle to achieving this financial independence is
Taxation.  The drag this places on accuring sufficient capital for independence is easy to underestimate.

Therefore, good Financial Planning will maximise all relevant Tax Allowances. In the order to maintain financial independence, it is important to continue to adhere to your financial plan.

For example, switching from accumulating capital to taking income from it as ‘decumulation’ by using the
Brunswick Income Manager Portfolios provides an excellent way to do this.

​On the journey to financial independence, making sure the financial impact of serious illness or premature death on your family and/or your business by having appropriate insurance should be an important goal.

​Another goal for some people is to be in a strong financial position so they can give financial help to grown up children, and to charitable causes. Early action on
Inheritance tax planning will be key to passing on wealth successfully.

Less easily defined  but important outcomes of financial planning will be to have greater control of finances resulting in reduced anxiety and peace of mind.

​Our Advisers know from several decades of giving advice,  that Financial Planning from an Adviser backed by the services of a reliable firm like Brunswick Investment Management will greatly increase the probability of achieving your financial goals.

As highlighted earlier, to create and preserve your family’s wealth it is vital to use all tax allowances wherever possible.  Our initial report will help you do this.


Your ongoing annual reviews will highlight what opportunities can be taken and how best to use them as well as ensuring your existing investments are continuing to meet your objectives.

We hope you would agree - starting financial planning "sooner rather than later", is a good idea.

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