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We know who you are because we take time to understand you and your financial requirements.

Our business doesn’t have plant machinery or property, our business is just people. 


It’s you, our valued client and it’s our valued staff.

To serve you well, we need to know you, and we need to understand you. Isn’t this what we all want?

​Of course, as a client, you will know the Financial Adviser we ask to work with you.

​But you may not realise that the following people also know who you are because they are part of the team supporting your Adviser.

Below you can see the support they give your Adviser.

​All these people could raise questions on the work being done for you, adding valuable suggestions.

Meet the Team

Daniel the Director and Associate Fund Manager who analysed your existing investments before your Adviser's proposal.

Lee the Director who carried the Early Peer Review.

Richard the Director and very experienced Senior Adviser who your Adviser consulted on their proposals for you.  

Mark the Senior Paraplanner who wrote your report.

Nikki the Paraplanner Team Leader.

Chris the Portfolio Administrator Manager buying or selling investments into or out of your portfolio.

Nigel the Director and Senior Fund Manager controlling all investments in the two key Brunswick Funds used for your investment.​

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