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We all need
good outcomes

Less anxiety - Feeling in control - Increased wealth -  Peace of mind

These valuable outcomes were really important for the clients listed below:


The middle aged couple with a successful company who said  “Our business is our pension” were challenged by our Adviser and with his advice over the next 20 years a secure pension fund was built up. Sadly 20 years later when their children running the business caused it to fail, the now elderly couple blessed the Adviser for persuading them to build up the pension which became their financial lifeboat.
Result - Peace of mind


Or the widow of our client who died after a long illness and was left unable to deal with the investments and income he alone had always managed in conjunction with our adviser. Despite her distressed state the long service to her husband by the adviser meant she was very glad to have his thoughtful help guiding her at that difficult time.
Result - Feeling in Control of Finances    


Or an internationally respected scientist approaching retirement who requested help from us. On reviewing the client’s financial affairs our adviser spotted £8,700 of contributions were missing owed due to his employer’s poor administration, which we soon got put right!

Result - Increase in wealth


Or the generous client who made sizeable gifts to charity who was pleased to be informed by our adviser that though each £1,000 he donated became £1,250 for the charity with £250 of gift aid, he could also claim a further £250 due to being a higher rate tax payer.
Result - Peace of mind 


Or two brothers with complimentary skills who built up a medium sized company that were advised by us so that when one died at just 47 years old, the company did not falter. The shareholder agreement between them we strongly recommended which they said “Why do we need this, we are family?” operated smoothly and the money to pay the brothers widow who wanted out was there from life insurance we arranged. 

Result - Less financial anxiety  


Or an accountant who felt he should control his own investments but had not recognised that with more than 20 years ahead to provide retirement income it was appropriate his investments should have more risk.  With accurate risk levels and a managed cash facility the Brunswick Investment Solution he agreed to our proposal as he recognised the probability of more return and a higher pension.
Result – Increase in wealth

At Brunswick we're always working for good outcomes.

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