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Our basic
Investment Principles

The Brunswick Investment Solution is based on basic investment principles.

Principle 1. Cash is Important but......

Cash can lose purchasing power due to inflation when not managed alongside other investments. However, investment in real assets, for example Property, Equities (Shares), Bonds or Commodities, such as Gold, can beat inflation. Real assets are needed to meet reasonable investor expectations of investment returns in line with the risk level agreed with their Adviser.


Principle 2. Investing is not short term

Real assets fluctuate in value. This means that investing in them should only be considered for a minimum of 5 years.

Trading Graphs on Computer Monitor

Principle 3. Spread investments to reduce risk

Spreading investment across many types of asset is advisable as different investments do not usually rise and fall in value all at the same time. This can meet the reasonable investor expectation that the desired risk level is maintained.


Principle 4. Review and Adjust Investments

This needs an Investment Manager who reviews investments daily and is working to meet the reasonable investor expectations of increasing their capital value.

Our managers are not just investing to passively track investment markets.


Principle 5. Balance Risk with Return

A reliable method is needed to achieve the correct balance between risk and return. It must also deliver the reasonable investor expectation of more return for taking more risk.

Rock Balancing

Principle 6. Use a favourable investment structure

Taxation of investment portfolios depend on the structure the Investment Manager chooses. The structure we use has many tax advantages.

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