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Income Manager Portfolios

Using Brunswick Income Manager Portfolios

Example 1

An investor accumulates their capital for retirement in a pension by investing in Brunswick Accumulation Portfolio 5.

As the Investor is already investing with Brunswick they can switch at no cost into a Brunswick Income Manager Portfolio. After discussion with their adviser, they decide to continue to invest at risk level 5.

In Income Manager Portfolio 5 the split of investment is 25% Managed Cash, 37.5% Diversified Portfolio and 37.5% Growth Portfolio.

But in Accumulation Portfolio 5 this risk level was achieved with 75% Diversified Portfolio and 25% Growth Portfolio.


Example 2

This investor has accumulated pension funds with several different companies and now needs to consolidate them into one account ready to manage whilst drawing down  retirement income.

Like the investor in example 1, they want to take an income in a way that the capital remaining upon death can be passed to their family tax efficiently.

The investor instructs their Adviser to consolidate their different pensions ready to transfer into a Brunswick Income Manager Portfolio.

The investor now only has to confirm with their Adviser a suitable risk level (3-7) for their new Income Manager Portfolio.

In the marketplace, few other investment solutions provide this level of personal service.

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