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Reliability  |   Performance  |   Value

Welcome to Brunswick Investment Management.


Brunswick Investment Management Ltd was formed in 2012 and managed the Brunswick Diversified and Brunswick Growth Funds to provide a reliable investment solution for a sister firm of Independent Financial Advisers.  

In 2019, Brunswick merged with this firm so that their clients and Advisers could benefit from Brunswick’s discretionary investment management and offer a full wealth management service.

Our Directors and Advisers have a significant part of their own investments in the two Brunswick Funds and so, like our clients, we understand what it feels like to see investment values fall as well as increase. To ensure consistent advice all our Advisers are employed, not self-employed.

Located in Norwich, Brunswick serves private clients and corporate clients mainly in East Anglia.

Unlike many investment companies, Brunswick Investment Management Ltd is owned and run for the benefit of investors and their advisers.

Building blocks

Typical situations where we can help

How long will my capital last?

I have children, what money will I need if my partner dies?

Can you sort out all my different pensions?

I want to be clear about my retirement prospects and if I need to take action.

I have received an inheritance and wonder if I can now retire?

I feel I need a second opinion on my investment portfolio.

How will my family manage if I am seriously ill?


We all need
good outcomes

May look the same

Services offered by many Financial Advice firms and Wealth Managers look similar . . .

BUT -  Brunswick services are NOT!

Reading this means you have made a good start to excellent financial advice and investment planning.


Advice that has reliability, performance and value.

In this website you can see how we help clients towards their financial goals.

At each step you will find information to give you confidence you are on the right path.

Norwich Guildhall and Market

Norwich Guildhall & Market

As a first step, please take up our Free Offer of a personal conversation with an experienced financial adviser:

This will be without cost or commitment, and at a time and place convenient to you.

Please fill in the form below or book in by calling 01603 895350.

Thank you for getting in touch.


For legal reasons, it must be noted information in this website should not be taken as personal advice. Private Clients should seek the advice of a Professional Adviser.  Read more

Our focus is you. Men talking to each other.

Our focus is you

From your first contact, using our services is convenient and easy.

People in Park

We know who you are

We know who you are because we take time to understand you and your financial requirements.

We know who you are. Understand you.
Seeing the full picture. Man on hill, overlooking landscape.

Seeing the full picture

As we start to work for clients, we prepare an Assets, Income, and Liabilities Summary.

People in Park

Two heads are better than one

Your Financial planning and Investments are too important to leave to just one person.

Two heads are better than one. Help with fiancial planning.
Great Expectations? Or Reasonable Expectations? Plant growth.

Great expectations? OR
Reasonable expectations?

Brunswick can meet your reasonable investment expectations.

People in Park

Risk? What do we mean?

The way investments can go up and down in value is what most investors mean by risk.

Risk? What do we mean? Investments go up and down.
Basic Invetsment Principles. Paper work, planning

Our Basic Investment Principles

Brunswick Investment Solution uses basic investment principles.

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Financial Planning

Financial planning with Brunswick will help you meet your investment goals.

FINANCIAL PLANNING. Investment goals.
Reliability. Trustworthy. Accurate. Men on mountain.

Brunswick Reliability

We do what we say we will do!

People in Park

Brunswick Performance

The performance you would reasonably expect.

Performance. Chart. Function. Achievement.
People in Park
Firework. Reliabilty. performance, Value. Worth.Support.

Reliability +

Performance =

Brunswick Value

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